Variant Stream

Technical Translation

Accurate & timely translation plays an important role in scientific, technical, educational and general social fields.

eLanguage has rich experience in the production of manuals, technical papers, informational and IR reports across many fields, company guides and product brochures. During the translation process, the company maintains close contact with the client. All translations are proofed by a native speaker of the target language with the appropriate background.

The majority of our clients make use of our services time and time again, since they quickly realize that our work is not just word-by-word translation but is based on a complete understanding of the content and its context.

Software Localization

Localizing English computer software into Japanese requires not only good translation skills, but also an in-depth knowledge of the different perceptions of the internet, computing and communications between English-speaking and Japanese cultures, together with a technical understanding of the steps involved. The quality translators and editors of eLanguage have extensive subjective and objective experience these fields, and so can localize user interfaces, help files and user manuals in a manner which make them readily accessible and understandable by the target culture.

The quality of our translations is assured by our use of industry-standard translation memory tools which enforce the consistency of terminology and text styles expected by both clients and end users. This intelligent control of terms and semantic styles allow us to maintain consistency across generations of revisions, ensuring that any project entrusted to us will have the same look, feel and quality in both the initial product and any future revisions.

Corporate Communication

Instead of simply translating the given materials linearly, we write Japanese copy for your corporate profiles, annual reports, product brochures, and promotional materials. It is helpful if, say, English materials are available for reference. What we do, however, is not a literal translation but something closer to copywriting. We select the right tone, the appropriate vocabulary, and accurate and natural expressions that appeal to the Japanese audience.

Every language has its own way of saying things. When you intend to accurately convey your message, you have to use the language your target audience is using - and it has to be used correctly. eLanguage has a large pool of experienced native Japanese writers who excel in both understanding English and expressing themselves in Japanese. We will get your message across.

Web Site Localization

The website is the gateway through which you can send your message to the world. If your website is not clear enough to the target culture, that message may not be understood. One of the main causes of this problem is "language." An English-language website misses a potential audience of hundreds of millions, but a poorly-translated site may also fail to reach its target due to the cultural expectations of different markets. Japan is the world's second-largest and wealthiest homogenous market, and deserves to be treated with the same care you bestow on your native web site.

eLanguage's translators are selected for specific skill-sets in specific fields. You get the best translators for your field, supervised by editors who deliver translations that are contextually correct for both the target market and the source technology. Continuous feedback between eLanguage and the client ensures the client is comfortable with our approach, and that we will achieve the client's objectives in an efficient, cost-effective manner. There is no "word-by-word" translation.